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Costco: A Violator’s Paradise

I just had my first Costco experience since moving to NYC, and WHAT an experience it was, let me tell you.

That place is a zoo, a jungle, a phychiatric ward, a prison, an amusement park, and just a total and utter FREE-FOR-ALL.  AMAZING.

You’ve got people opening packages of food in the isles and chowing down.  There are families of 9, 10, 11 individuals roving the store, becoming territorial over certain sections of the warehouse space.  Then there are those really cheap peeps who don’t even bother grabbing a cart when they come in, because they’re only there for the food sample kiosks.  VIOLATOR CENTRAL.

And while I definitely felt as if I was back in college, participating in a field observation for my sociology class, I must say the Costco of today has much improved since my childhood days.  There’s a TON of great, fresh produce at rock-bottom prices, like actual TROTHS of good-quality strawberries and bunches of bananas the size of a G-Wagon.  And they even sell organic, hormone-free meats and dairy products, neither of which I expected to find there.  Goooo, Costco for taking an interest in your customer’s health and wellness.

Honestly, I can’t wait to go back.  I think going to Costco might become a leisuretime activity for me, like bowling or hitting up the movie theater.  I’ve never seen so much CRAZY in one please before, at least without alcohol being involved.  Plus, pushing those heavy carts and walking that massive space is a workout in itself.

Costco is the REAL DEAL.